About the AHRI

Arts & Humanities Research InstituteThe AHRI is located within the School of Humanities at the University of Dundee. It serves as a forum for research activities across the School's principal disciplines: English Literature and Creative Writing, History, Philosophy and Aesthetics.

Information can be obtained about staff research activities, discipline research seminars, public lecture events, School conferences and guest seminars using the menu on the right of each page.

For further information please contact School of Humanities Office by calling +44 (0) 1382 388625 or Email the School

Origins and Purpose

Formed September 2009, the AHRI serves as an enabling and administrative structure for research activities throughout the School of Humanities.

  1. It provides a unified framework for the School disciplines to present their research to University colleagues and to the wider public.
  2. It offers a catalyst for researchers across the School to exchange, to enhance and to pool research experience as well as creating the circumstances for new inter-disciplinary initiatives.
  3. The Executive of the AHRI will promote research at world and international level across the School, will lobby the University on behalf of the School's research activities, and advise the School as to the quality of its outputs.
  4. The AHRI Executive will report to the first meeting of the School Research Committee in each academic year.

Mission Statement

In accordance with the University's ambition to promote and enhance the impact of its world class research, the Arts and Humanities Research Institute supports and facilitates research activities across the School of Humanities.

Discipline research is broadcast through public lectures, conferences and research seminars, and the Institute offers small grants for workshops and new endeavours especially at post-graduate level. The AHRI organises a major promotional annual lecture and three other public school-wide events to advertise the research activities of its major disciplines.

The AHRI also provides a framework for each discipline's visiting speaker programmes. The AHRI has an advisory board which both lobbies the University on behalf of the School's research interests and advises the School on best practice regarding national and international research assessments and research grant applications.

Advisory Board

The aims of the AHRI Advisory Board are to:

  • offer external advice on School Research policy and activities.
  • monitor the activities of the AHRI
  • when requested, assist programmes in University and School Research Reviews
  • offer external expertise on research activity when requested.
  • adjudicate, if called upon, internal school grant applications
  • offer perspectives on best research practice from other institutions.
  • lobby University Bodies on behalf of School research interests and concerns where appropriate