Admissions and Course Information

All general enquiries relating to admission/application to any of our courses, entry requirements or general subject availability should be directed in the first instance to the University's Admissions and Student Recruitment service.

Course/study enquiries for current students

Module related queries - all queries relating to modules and coursework should be directed to the Module/Course Organiser or tutor. Your 'My Dundee' site for the module or course handbook should indicate who this is and how to contact them. Alternatively you can contact the Humanities Reception desk or the discipline secretary (contact details available from the page of this website).

Overall Programme related queries or personal problems - all queries relating to your overall degree programme should be directed to your Adviser of Studies, Humanities Reception or the School Secretary. If you are unsure who is your Adviser of Studies please check with Humanities Reception. Each Adviser should have details of their 'open office' hours posted on their office doors. The Humanities Reception can make an appointment for you to see the School Secretary (usually at short notice) who can be consulted on any administrative matters which may affect you during your time as a student in the School (for example, prolonged periods of absence, repeating a year of study, severe mitigating circumstances, withdrawing from a course etc.). She can also be approached for advice and assistance with problems of a non-academic nature.

Disability Support

The University of Dundee is committed to providing access to a full teaching and learning programme for students with disabilities. The School liaises with the University's Disability Services to determine the most appropriate way to include disabled students in all aspects of the programme and to ensure that they are not disadvantaged by the working environments. Specific adjustments can also be arranged to better meet individual students' needs by contacting Disability Services directly.

General Enquiries

All general enquiries should be directed to our Reception desk (Baxter Suite, Level 1 of the Tower Building). Contact details available from the Contact Staff Info area of this website.