Always seeking to enhance its areas of internationally esteemed research, the School of Humanities remains fully committed to promoting and mainting scholarship and research at the highest levels of excellence at Dundee.

New and innovative forms of research activity continue to be encouraged by the School of Humanities.

Interdisciplinary research in the Arts and Humanities at the University of Dundee is promoted and supported by the School Research Committee. The Committee enthusiastically encourages research collaboration between its constituent programmes of English, Philosophy, and History.

The School aims to increase its international reputation, explore current research frontiers and open new ones through:

  • acting as a focus for intellectual and cultural debate in the University
  • working with staff to make their existing creative and research activities more visible across and beyond the University
  • initiating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects
  • seeking funding opportunities, helping staff with applications, and influencing funding agendas in the University, region and nation
  • ensuring that all of its academic staff are strongly research active by a programme of extensive mentoring

Research Centres in the School

Other research projects in the School