Retreat 2012

The Retreat was held at the Dunblane Hydro Hotel on 31st May - 1st June 2012 In order to:

• report on status of the SHIP infrastructure
• draw together the various branches of SHIP to foster collaborative working
• take stock of the past year and plan for the next
• give junior researchers the opportunity to present

Thursday 31st May
Session 1: Welcome and Overview Chair: Professor Graeme Laurie

Welcome, Introduction, Aims - Professor Graeme Laurie

Engaging researchers and publics a dialogue about the way forward - Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley

Clinical Practice Research Datalink - John Parkinson, MHRA

Friday 1st June
Session 1: Welcome Chair: Professor Andrew Morris

Opportunities for record linkage today and tomorrow – but will the obstacles prevail? - Professor D’Arcy Holman

Session 2: Theme: SHIP Plans into Practice Chair: Hester Ward

Results of Deliberative Workshops - Professor Claudia Pagliari

A Data Linkage Framework for Scotland - Sara Grainger

Development of the National Safe Haven - Steve Pavis and Janet Murray

Session 3: Theme: Epidemiology/Pharmacovigilance Chair: Marion Bennie

Is smoking more harmful for women living in Scotland than those living elsewhere in the UK? - Professor Phil Hannaford

Data linkage for pharmacovigilance using routinely acquired electronic health records - Brad Kirby

Health economics prescribing to people with diabetes - Lindsay Govan

Diabetes drugs: safety analyses - Daniel Levin

Session 4: Theme: Increasing Capacity in Scotland Chair: Professor Jeremy Wyatt

Engaging Researchers - Colin McCowan

SHIP online resources for researchers - Nayha Sethi

Supporting researchers - Chris Dibben

Session 5: Theme: Applications of data linkage Chair: Professor Aziz Sheikh

SHELS progress and plans - Professor Raj Bhopal

Trials Update - Professor Ian Ford

Demographic, Socio-Economic and Environmental Data Linkage - Tom Clemens

Summing up: Professor Andrew Morris