SHIP is an ambitious, Scotland-wide research platform for the collation, management, dissemination and analysis of Electronic Patient Records (EPRs). The programme brings together the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews with the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland.

SHIP is funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council and aims to:

We are:

We believe that a step-change in the quality, quantity and governance of research using EPRs can now be achieved with a more joined-up Scottish-wide strategy. Instead of the ad hoc linkages used to date, the SHIP programme will provide a platform for Scottish record linkage that will drive EPR research throughout the UK and abroad.

The programme of work is centred around a core set of four generic activities (C1-C4): provisioning of datasets for research (C1); governance (C2); engaging researchers (C3); and engaging the public (C4).  These activities will develop the infrastructure for inter-organisational data sharing in Scotland and build capacity to provide a sustainable future for EPR research.

The core programmes support a related series of four work packages which will produce novel research using EPRs and major longitudinal cohort databases. These are: supporting clinical trials (RP1); national epidemiology (RP2); pharmacovigilance (RP3); and the linkage of EPRs to socioeconomic, geospatial and environmental data (RP4).

Each research package has clearly defined goals. Key to SHIP is the synergies that develop between the core and research packages in this integrated programme of work - each component benefits from the work being conducted in other parts of the programme.

Animation explaining National Data Linkage: