Data Access

ScottisH Informatics Programme (SHIP) Infrastructure

The ScottisH Informatics Programme (SHIP) infrastructure provided by ISD supports research by providing expertise in study design, facilitating research approvals and providing datasets, including linked data in a secure environment. Our work supports researchers to analyse and interpret complex datasets, answering key questions about our society. To deliver SHIP, ISD operates a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure managed by the ATOS Origin Alliance. This environment provides a high powered computing service, secure analytic environment, secure file transfer protocol, and provision of a range of analytic software (SPSS, STATA, SAS and R). This powerful technical infrastructure is available through your Research Coordinator, the single point of contact to ensure your study runs smoothly from beginning to end. Our research coordinators:

This new technical infrastructure coupled with ISD’s wealth of national datasets, researcher coordinator services and proportional information governance; position ISD to enable responsible and secure access to linked data that allows bona fide researchers to pursue answers to questions that benefit society.

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