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SHIP Information Governance online training course.

This new online self-access course promotes the importance of good information governance, by exploring the key legal concepts involving the secondary use of health data, the legal framework governing information, and data security. The course is comprised of six distinct topics:

1. Legal concepts
2. Legal framework
3. Safe projects
4. Safe data
5. Safe settings
6. Safe outputs

The course was developed in partnership with SCRIPT – the law and technology research centre based in the School of Law at University of Edinburgh who host the course. As well as being a centre of research excellence SCRIPT is internationally renowned as a leader in distance learning. Successful completion of this course is a requirement for researchers to be awarded 'SHIP-approved researcher status' which will allow access to the SHIP data linkage system when it becomes available towards the end of the year. Approved researcher status will last for a period of two years before renewal is needed.
To find out more about this course please visit the course web page.
Book online: The course costs £100 and you can register and pay online by visiting this page.