SHIP Core Programmes

C1: Provisioning Datasets for Research

Prof Andrew Morris, Dr Marion Bain.


    Provisioning Datasets for Research
  1. To create a research portal for EPRs already held by NHS Scotland, the Scottish Health Information Service for Research (SHIS-R).
  2. To develop and evaluate innovative technical approaches that allow linkage between large, federated, third party research datasets between themselves and with SHIS-R.
  3. To develop and evaluate systems that work across institutional boundaries with adequate data manipulation and statistical functionality that provide rapid, secure, access to the type of data that clinical scientists require.

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C2: Governance

Prof Graeme Laurie, Dr Claudia Pagliari, Prof Sarah Cunningham-Burley.


  1. To analyse the ethico-legal and cultural challenges associated with the secondary use of electronic patient records in Scotland, the wider UK and internationally, with a view to mapping the elements necessary to contribute to an optimal governance regime.

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C3: Engaging Researchers

Prof Paul Boyle, Prof Jeremy Wyatt.


  1. To host a biennial conference Exploiting Existing Data for Health Research
  2. To develop and deliver training programmes and workshops for EPR research

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C4: Public Engagement

Dr Claudia Pagliari, Prof Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Prof Jeremy Wyatt,
Prof Graeme Laurie, Prof Ian Ford.


  1. Public EngagementTo synthesise existing evidence on citizens' attitudes towards and willingness to share personal data for research.
  2. To generate new evidence on the acceptability of different levels of data sharing under varying conditions.
  3. To engage the wider public with the aims, processes and outcomes of the SHIP through specific consultation exercises and workshops.
  4. To link the public engagement activities into the development of governance frameworks (C2).
  5. To examine novel methods of making health data available to the public.

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