SHIP Research Programmes

A fundamental aim of SHIP is undertaking novel health research using EPR and existing major longitudinal cohort databases. Four research programmes (RPs) are looking at population health, disease burden and major determinants of health including biological, social and economic factors. The RPs all draw upon activities in the core.

RP1: EPR Support of Clinical Trials

Prof Ian Ford, Dr Allan Gaw, Prof John Norrie, Prof Frank Sullivan 


  1. To evaluate the way in which EPRs can best support a range of clinical trials and the subsequent conduct of those trials.

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EpidemiologyRP2: National Epidemiology

Dr Robert Lindsay, Dr Sarah Wild, Prof Helen Colhoun, Prof Andrew Morris 


  1. To perform epidemiological studies on a national scale and use the information to estimate current and future health costs using diabetes as an exemplar.

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RP3: Pharmacovigilance

Prof Helen Colhoun, Prof Paul McKeigue, Dr Ewan Pearson, Prof Frank Sullivan


  1. To link community prescribing data to EPRs to demonstrate the feasibility of national pharmacovigilance

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RP4: Demographic, Socio-Economic and Environmental Data Linkage

Prof Paul Boyle, Dr Chris Dibben


  1. To explore the feasibility of taking major genetic studies in Scotland 'back through time' by linking historical vital events data for the >20,000 study members and their families
  2. To estimate and validate complex time-space exposures to various environmental agents through a linkage between environmental datasets, hospital admissions and the Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS)

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