SHIP Investigators

SHIP brings together the Information Services Division (ISD) of NHS Scotland and a genuinely inter-disciplinary group of academics providing a breadth of expertise in medicine and social science. The team includes leading international experts in the field who have skills in record linkage; the statistical analysis of routine data; longitudinal studies; social science; legal, ethical and confidentiality issues; genetic studies; and clinical trials design and execution. The strong collaboration between academics and experts in the Scottish NHS are driving the successful implementation of this ambitious endeavour.

The Principle Investigator is Professor Andrew Morris. He has extensive experience in the management of large inter-institutional research programmes. He is also eHealth Director of NHS Tayside and a member of the NHS Scotland eHealth Strategy Board.

Dr Marion Bain
Professor Paul Boyle
Professor Helen Colhoun
Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley
Dr Chris Dibben
Professor Peter Donnan
Professor Ian Ford
Dr Allan Gaw
Professor Graeme Laurie
Dr Robert Lindsay
Dr Colin McCowan
Professor Andrew Morris
Professor Paul McKeigue
Professor John Norrie
Dr Claudia Pagliari
Dr Stephen Pavis
Dr Ewan Pearson
Professor Richard Sinnott
Professor Frank Sullivan
Dr Hester Ward
Dr Sarah Wild
Professor Jeremy Wyatt